Discover the all-new Fairline Targa 40

One of the many highlights of this year's British Motor Yacht Show is the all-new Fairline Targa 40, which will join the exciting line-up at Swanwick Marina from 16th to 19th May.

In this exclusive Q&A, we speak to Fairline South Coast to uncover more about this remarkable addition to the Fairline portfolio.

Q: What sets the all-new Fairline Targa 40 apart from other vessels?

A: The Fairline Targa 40 represents a pinnacle of luxury yachting. Its blend of advanced engineering and meticulous design distinguishes it, offering an unmatched experience characterised by thrilling speed and impeccable handling.

Targa 40 - external

Q: How does technology play a pivotal role in the Targa 40?

A: Technology is integral to the Targa 40's excellence. Crafted with precision, its ergonomically designed layout seamlessly integrates the latest Garmin multi-function displays, ensuring not just smooth navigation, but also a heightened sense of command and efficiency on the water.
Fairline Targa 40 Internal

Q: Could you elaborate on the design and innovation of the Targa 40?

A: The design and innovation featured in the Targa 40 exemplify a blend of ingenuity and sophistication. As the newest addition to the esteemed Targa lineage, its avant-garde design and bold exterior make a profound statement. Every element, from its sleek lines to the electric canvas sunroof, is meticulously engineered to elevate the yachting experience to new levels.

Fairline Targa 40

Q: What are some notable features of the Targa 40?

A: The Targa 40 boasts enviable spaciousness and panoramic views, thanks to its extensive glazing and thoughtfully designed interiors. Whether indulging in leisurely lounging or exhilarating voyages, the Targa 40 ensures an uninterrupted connection with the surrounding seascape. Furthermore, its integrated garage for tender storage underscores its commitment to seamless functionality and convenience.

Q: How can prospective buyers find out more?

A: Anyone interested in the Targa 40 is encouraged to visit us at the British Motor Yacht Show. For serious buyers, we recommend booking an appointment with us at the event.

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