Sargo Boats

Sargo Boats

Sargo Boats - the original all season boat. Created, designed, and built by a family who have been in business since 1967. The brand began as a pioneering tradition by Edy Sarin over fifty years ago;; in 2014 his sons and daughter took over the business. Behind this you will find one boat building family, the Sarins, who continue their success into the third generation. Ostrobothnia is home to their boatyard; on Finland's west coast close to Kokkola. The Sargo core strengths are from common sense thinking and a demanding Arctic home environment. A short test at the wheel of a Sargo demonstrates this no-nonsense, one-of-a-kind boat building philosophy. No nonsense, robust but contemporary boats built for all seasons from 28 to 45 feet. Dare to be different; stand out from the crowd. Why be limited by the weather?

About Sargo Boats UK 

Sargo Boats UK Limited, led by a dynamic husband-and-wife team with a combined experience of over 30 years in the marine industry, is poised to captivate boating enthusiasts. Their profound expertise, drawn from personal boating and previous professional roles, uniquely positions the business with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

Esteemed for their commitment to excellence, Sargo Boats UK Limited embraces a customer-centric ethos, fostering relationships that extend well beyond the initial boat delivery. The team takes pride in the transformation of many boat owners into lasting friendships.

The Sargo Boats UK experience transcends the mere transaction of purchasing a new boat. The duo's dedication is evident in their ongoing support, extending from post-sales assistance to annual maintenance. Positioned as a beacon of approachable professionalism, Sargo Boats UK ensures a warm, personal touch in their service, reflecting a genuine passion for surpassing customer expectations throughout the entire journey – from the purchase process and specification to the meticulous build of each new boat. Visitors engaging with Sargo Boats UK can expect a showcase not just of boats but a testament to the enduring commitment the team has to client satisfaction.