MOKE Hendy

MOKE Hendy, the leading destination for retro-inspired electric vehicles, is thrilled to announce it will be attending with the Electric MOKE at this year’s British Motor Yacht Show. This modern twist on the beloved classic brings together timeless design, whisper-quiet performance, and eco-conscious driving.

Key Features of the Electric MOKE:

  1. Sustainable Powertrain:
    • The fully road legal Electric MOKE boasts a sustainable electric powertrain, making it ideal for environmentally conscious adventurers.
    • With a maximum power output of 33 kW (44 bhp), the Electric MOKE effortlessly cruises along coastal roads and scenic routes.
  2. Charging Efficiency:
    • Charging the Electric MOKE is a breeze. It reaches a full charge in just 4 hours using a standard EU Type 2 charger or domestic power.
    • The official range of 54 miles (88 km) ensures you can explore local picturesque destinations without compromise.
  3. European Craftsmanship:
    • Crafted using European parts, the Electric MOKE combines quality, style, and reliability.
    • Its lightweight construction (under 800 kg) ensures nimble handling and a fun driving experience.
  4. Beachside Charm:
    • Whether you’re cruising to the beach or exploring countryside hideaways, the Electric MOKE captures the essence of carefree coastal living.
    • It’s the perfect companion for sun-soaked adventures and leisurely drives.

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Moke at Swanick Marina