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Twisted Marine


Every working day for more than two decades, we’ve been breathing new life into legendary vehicles. Making them better and better – while making sure we never lose what makes them special in the first place.

So if it’s flawed, we fix it. If it can be bettered, we make it the best. And if it can’t, we leave it just as it is. Around 40% of the work we do on our craft will never be seen. But that doesn’t matter – because although you might not see it, you’ll begin to feel it the second you sit at the helm… our attention remains in automotive but with a complete new team in marine… we share the passion both on land and water. THE BEST CRAFT. MADE BETTER in Salcombe England


The Twisted RIB redesigned our way. Our RIB takes an iconic British designed deep-V hull with a pedigree of more than three decades and makes it better.

Available in three models, the Twisted RIBs are distinctively stylish, high performance go anywhere boats which are British made and commissioned in Salcombe by our Twisted Marine team. Our passion runs deep to create the perfect pairing with our unrivalled experience on land. All of our RIB sizes demonstrate first-class usability and brilliant fun at the helm. A Twisted vehicle that is created for pure adventure and adrenaline. From 23ft to 29ft with up to 450HP and 70MPH of performance there is a Twisted RIB for you!

From bow to stern our engineers have refined the performance, handling and onboard equipment to create an uncompromised experience. Not every improvement can be seen. But that doesn’t matter – because although you might not see it, you’ll begin to feel it the second you sit behind the helm of the Twisted RIB. Our Salcombe commissioning space enables high performance testing of all of the Twisted RIBs. Each craft is individually dialled in for the optimum performance and safe handling. We have taken the RIBs out in the toughest of conditions around the South Coast from the Solent to Startpoint. All of which were conquered with exceptional fun in the meantime.

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  • T-450 RIB

    T-450 RIB

  • T-450 RIB

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Many of the exhibiting motor yacht brokers are situated at Premier’s Swanwick Marina. Once you have made an appointment by completing the form here, please follow the directions to visit the marina.

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