Saltwater Solutions Ltd

Saltwater Solutions Ltd

Windy’s reputation is built on quality and craftsmanship. Our award-winning deep v-hulls are renowned for delivering an exhilarating, yet stable and dry ride. Our production facilities in Västervik and Ostroda are among the most advanced in Europe, employing resin transfer moulding to produce stronger, lighter, more fuel-efficient hulls.

Distinctive interiors by leading superyacht designers combine clean Scandinavian lines with luxurious detailing. And every boat is hand-finished with Windy’s customary perfectionism using the highest quality components and finest materials.

For Windy customers, only the best will do. Windy builds boats like no other shipyard in the world. Classic speed boats that are beautiful to behold, and a joy to drive. T

echnically advanced sports cruisers that deliver class-leading performance and fuel economy. Safe, confidence inspiring offshore cruisers that put families at ease. And awe-inspiring custom supertenders that not only look sensational but can be relied on to perform.

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Swanwick Marina is easily accessible by land, air and sea.

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